Planting The Future

Birds Eye View – Planting the Future 2013

Caithness Countryside Volunteers sowing bee friendly flower and grass mix – May 2012

The idea for Planting the Future started out when it was suggested the Caithness Biodiversity Group could promote the regeneration of Thurso River Juniper through propagation and replanting. The idea has developed into a wider project to collect and propagate local wildflowers in a nursery area. Caithness Biodiversity Group with Key Community Supports, who work with for people with learning disabilities are to develop the nursery. The objectives of the project are:

  1. To enable people with learning disabilities and others to benefit from therapeutic gardening
  2. To create a source of native plants and trees for use in biodiversity projects in Caithness.

A suitable plot of land has been secured and leased through Thor House. Planning has been approved and the site, which comprises of a hard standing area with raised beds, a wooden shed, cold frames and a wildflower area has been developed during the Summer of 2012.

After the ground works have been completed the group will start by propagating Juniper (planting, weeding and tending as necessary during the weekly project time) and then work on developing a seed bank of other local wild flower species. Over time, creating a seed bank of local wild flowers that could be used by the Caithness Biodiversity Group and supplied (on a small scale) to other local groups, individuals and commercial companies.

Key Community Supports will use the site to provide supervised gardening for people with learning disabilities and others.  It will provide an opportunity for people from the whole community to learn and take part in gardening for wildlife.

It is the intention that different generations can work and socialise together. A team of volunteers will be enabled and encouraged to manage the site as it grows.

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